Summer Favorites

When organizing a Summer festival or event, there are a few products that you should have in mind. Depending on the location, let’s say an event in a “ocean-side” beach in comparison to a “lake-side” beach, some product will appear more important than others. Here you will find some of what we consider the most important: 1. Sun Protection: This products come in different presentations like lotions, sprays, sticks, balms and towelettes. Also, you have to consider the SPF factor which in the promotional product market will go between SPF-15 to SPF-30.  Our favorite is the 1oz. Sun Block Lotion with Full Color Imprint in the label, check out the following link: But we also have a variety of products and prices that you can check out on this link: 2. Tote Bags: A more expensive item but always on fashion. Tote Bags are a great gift for your client of employees, and it would be kept an average of 3 years by the recipient. Check out the collection of Beach Tote Bags at Also, check out lunch coolers, beach mats and towels. 3. Insect Repellent: If you happen to spend your summer vacation close to a lake or in a National Park, Insect Repellent becomes a must. Our favorite is the Bug Repellent Mist Sprayer which is Deet Free, with pen style cap to clip to any type of pocket on your shirt, bag, golf bag, badge holder etc. Bug Repellent Mist Sprayer can be used in the toughest environments without risking headache, fatigue, muscle pain and other side effects common to deet based products and is safe to use on children. 4. Performance Clothing: If you are sponsoring a team that plays or trains during the summer months, be sure that they use Performance Clothing that features UV Protection and/or
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