Our Top Sellers 2013

This is our list of Top Sellers so far for the year 2013. Depending on the type of business that you have or events you are running some of these may not apply, but we will keep on posting more specific ideas per business line or event type soon. 1. Writing Instruments: Pens are always on demand and are considered on of the most cost-effective promotional products. 50% percent of the population has a branded pen. Pens come in a great variety of options like material (plastic, metal), ink color (black, blue and others), imprint type (screen printed, laser engraved, color wrap and others) and styles (cap on, click on, twist). So, before you buy a pen besides considering your budget, you got to think in your clients, for instance if you want the to keep you pen you are better off giving away a metal pen rather than a plastic pen which they wouldn’t mind giving away. Something else to consider is utility, some pens are dual with highlighters, come with 2 or 4 inks in one etc.. Two of our favorites and most popular are the LXD Stylus Pen and the Banner Pens. 2. Drinkware: During the winter months, coffee mugs and tumblers are a very popular items. Mugs are a very popular giveaway in churches, and everybody want their coffee or tea to go in a tumbler. In the summer months, insulated tumblers that keep your drink cold become more in demand. Also plastic cups on all sizes are a great seller for spring and summer picnics and outdoor activities. Our best seller in the mugs category  is the 11oz. C-Handle Mug which comes in many colors with white is the most affordable. The 16 oz. Blue Monday Travel Tumbler is one of our best seller in the tumbler
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