EDDM Mailers

It’s never been this easy to reach the customers that matter most to you with Every Door Direct Mail™ from the US Postal Service. If you mail postcards, flyers or advertisements, we can help you save a lot of money using EDDM. A regular 4 x 6 postcard costs 33 cents to mail, an EDDM in any size has the price of 16 cents, less than half the price of a postcard mailer! So, where’s the catch? We will go thru some considerations one by one. 1. SIZE: The cards use for EDDM are bigger, but larger format means increased response rates. There are rules, but don’t worry about that, we have the pre-approved EDDM sizes available to you. The most popular size (for us) is the 8″W x 6.5″H, the reason is because is the most affordable. Other sizes available are: [one_half] 4.5″H x 12″W 6″H x 12″W 6.5″H x 12″W 6.5″H x 9″W [/one_half] [one_half_last] 8.5″H x 11″W 8.5″H x 7″W 9″H x 11″W 9″H x 12″W [/one_half_last] 2. NO MAILING LIST REQUIRED: EDDM Mailers are sent via Carrier Routes from the USPS. Basically, you are reaching a whole neighborhood. Some neighborhoods may consist in 4 to 5 carrier routes, specially in big cities. But the good news, is that your advertisement will be in every single mailbox and you will not have to put labels or stamps to your mailing piece. This take us to the next point… More savings! 3. NO MAILING PERMIT REQUIRED: EDDM offers two options. The first one is the EDDM Retail and doesn’t require permit because it let’s you sent up to 5000 mailing pieces a day. This is the option most small local business like restaurants, salons, auto repair shops will use. The second option is designed for businesses that send larger mailings using
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