4th of July

For your 4th of July Celebration, we have several unbranded products for decorations and to give away. If you are having a fireworks celebration, we have a light up novelties for the kids. But probably, the most popular item for this celebration are:

1. Firework Glasses: The hottest item since the sparkler! Turn every dot, dash and twinkle of light into a cascade of shimmering rainbow colors. View your world in bright new colors. The rainbow burst will amaze you. These glasses are great for watching Fireworks Displays, Holiday Lights, City and Street Lights and even the Moon and Stars. Experiment and have fun!!!

2. USA Mini Flags: Available imprinted and un-imprinted, they are must-have for any parade or 4th of July event.

3. Bracelets: American flag bracelets, sold un-imprinted.

4. Lapel Pins: Available of the USA Flag only, the USA Flag plus the State Flag and a friendship lapel pin that feature the USA Flag and the flag of another country. For the whole selection of USA Flag lapel pin, visit this link.

Other ideas:

- Patriotic Bandana, unimprinted.

- Patriotic Beach Ball, imprinted with you logo.

- Patriotic Stress Ball Reliever, imprinted with you logo.

- Patriotic Star Key Chain, imprinted with you logo.

As always, send an email or give us a call for more information and follow us on Facebook for giveaways, to keep up to date in events and for discounts.

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